Production possibilities of machining


  Type Size Table
CNC machining center with an additional 4 axis MCFV2080 X=2030, Y=810 , Z=810 2000x800
CNC machining centers vertical MCFV 100 X=1020, Y=600, Z=600 1000x600
  ARROW 500 X=510, Y=510, Z=510 700x520
  FGS 50 CNC X=1100, Y 500, Z=300 1200x500
Classical mills FP 20 X=3700,Y=1600, Z= 500 4000x1600
  FGU 32 X=850, Y=275, Z=420 1250x320
  FGSH 50 X=1400, Y=500, Z=500 1800x500
  FNK 25 X=800, Y=370, Z=450 1250x290
Horizontal borings WHN 10 X=1200, Y=900, Z=900 1100x1100
  WHN 9 CNC X=1212, Y=912, Z=975 1100x990
  W 100 X=1600, Y=1050, Z=1200 1000x1000
CNC turning machines TORNADO 300 X=500, ø300  
  EMCOMAT E200 X=850, ø200  
Classical turning machines SU 32 X=750, ø320  
  SV 18 RA X=1000, ø380  
  SN 40 B X=1500, ø400  
  SUI 50 X=1500, ø500  
  SUI 80 X=2000, ø520  
  SUS 80 X=5000, ø530  
Classical drilling machines   max ø80 1380x475
Horizontal slotting machine HO 63 A X=630, Y=730, Z=360 400x630
Vertical slotting machine H 320 Z=320 2255x1495
Grinders for round grinding 2 UD L=750, ø290  
  BHU 50 L=1000, ø500  
Grinders for flat grinding BPH 320A X=1000, Y=320 1000x320
  BPV 300 X=1000, Y=300  
Material cutting
Cutting on machine saws   ø290  
CNC plasma jet cutting   max tloušťka 12mm 2000x6000
CNC flame cutting   max tloušťka 200mm 2000x3000


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in a company with more than 60 years of tradition in engineering production, specialized not only in the supply of machines for the glass and bakery industry, but also in the custom production of parts and entire machines according to customer documentation.

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