Glass machinery industry

Obor sklářských strojů

Since the establishment is the company focused on the production of machinery and equipment for requirements of the glass industry. At first it was the production of simple machines, such a mechanical loaders, granulators etc. Later the company was producing more complex machines, such as hydraulic presses, grinding machines for glass, glass stirrers etc.

At the present the company is engaged in the production of machinery to lines for glass containers.


PCHP 16 17 P1040354 komorovka DSP

Main production program:


Lehrs are supplied as a part of lines for production packaging, ovenware, decorative and possibly other kinds of glass. Annealing lehrs we are able to supply alternative with  gas or electric heating. We provide also renovation and repair already installed lehrs from other producers.

Lehrs produced by our company we successfully install in domestic teritory and also in abroad.

We supply equipment to glass lines with "sister" company