Bakery oven CPMP


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We offer a unique way in the manufacture of bakery ovens - modular construction.


The oven is used for baking bakery, confectionery and other products.

High performance, while high economy is maintained, is reached by an ecological burner and by a maximum utilization of supplied energy. The oven is designed and can be used for manual load of products or as a part of a high volume production bakery system.

New prospect of CPMP is avaible for download here pdf icon


Our advantages:

  • Modular construction - oven is delivered in each modules lenght 2,25 m, each zones are connected in a unique way - screw connection
  • Easy and quick assembling of oven - assembly of new oven - max. 14 days
  • Disassembly, re-assembly, displacement ovens, including repairs are very simple
  • Precise regulation of working temperatures
  • High quality of mineral isolation
  • Low consumption of thermal energy
  • High-quality and easily removable burner
  • Managing system Simatic S7 - included in standard delivery
  • Remote management - fault diagnosis, monitoring, saving recipes ...


More technical informations



Tests - Certificate

The oven was thoroughly tested
  • The test of leak in channels
  • The test of gas consumption
  • The test of time needed to boost heating
  • Thermal images of the temperature distribution in the channels
  • Thermal images of isolation quality

Inspection certificate TÜV

certificate cpmp